Research on China Market Supervision Cheng Hong: to establish a quality and safety supervision system with the core of credit The 8th issue of Research on China Market Supervision in 2018 has published an article of to establish a quality and safety supervision system with the core of credit-question, theory and policy, written by Professor Cheng Hong, in the Professional Forum part. The article has made a right approach to the outstanding problems in quality supervision in China, mastered the basic theory and logic of quality supervision in a scientific way and demonstrated a clear idea...In Detail
MITSUBISHI ELEVATOR INDIA PARTNERS WITH DEVELOPER Mitsubishi Elevator India Pvt. Ltd. has formed a strategic partnership with commercial real-estate developer Elan Group of Gurgaon, India, that will see equipment manufactured at Mitsubishi's Inazawa Works in Japan go into Elan projects throughout the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), Business Standard reports. Under the agreement...In Detail
THYSSENKRUPP TAPPED FOR MAJOR SYDNEY METRO PROJECT Thyssenkrupp has been selected for what a New South Wales government official is calling an unprecedented accessibility project that involves designing, suppling, installing and maintaining 70 elevators and 130 escalators for the Sydney Metro, Mirage News reports. The AUD87-million (US$61.9-million) project is "the biggest one-off investment in improving accessibility in the history of public transport in this country... In Detail
WOMAN IN SINGAPORE SUFFERS LEG GASH ON SMRT ESCALATOR A 39-year-old woman was hospitalized with a shin gash that required surgery following an escalator mishap on September 14 at the City Hall Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) station, various news outlets, including TODAY, report. Returning to their offices after lunch at... In Detail
INDIAN RAIL OFFICIALS LOOKING AT VT EQUIPMENT MONITORING India’s Delhi Metro Rail Corp. (DMRC) says it plans to implement centralized online vertical-transportation (VT) equipment monitoring in an effort to reduce downtime of the network's more than 1,500 units, The Indian Express reports. DMRC said it was accepting bids for centralized monitoring of elevators and escalators on the Pink Line...In Detail

National brand of GIANLOONG Elevator inaugurated and won its first order

Zhejiang GIANLOONG Elevator has held its inauguration ceremony on September 20th, 2018, making it a special moment of a change from the former Giant Elevator to the present and stronger GIANLOONG, as well as a new start of returning to elevator overall unit...In Detail

Hitachi Elevator (China) to tap Australian market and cooperate with Orbitz Hitachi Elevator (China) has reached cooperation with Orbitz Elevators Pty Ltd. through the help of the Hitachi (Australia) and will provide elevator products and services in local marke... In Detail
Toshiba Elevator facilitates Wuhan Railway Transit Line 7 The 1st phase of Wuhan Railway Transit Line 7 has start trial operation recently. Toshiba Elevator has provided 62 sets original elevators to Wuhan Railway Transit Line 7, which has been waiting for long in Wuhan. The equipment includes the series of ELCOSMO, the high-end mini-machine-room elevator and the series of SPACEL, machine-room-less elevator... In Detail

Elevator safety overhaul in Shandong found several elevators with hidden risks, Hitachi’s elevators inlcluded

The elevator safety overhaul recently held by Shandong Quality Supervision Bureau has focused on frequent elevator malfunction and situation of operating with failure. A supermarket in Zaozhuang has been found that the maintenance records of 3 elevators in the charge of Hitachi were suspicious...In Detail

Harmony · Clove Garden Sitting in the center of Changji, Harmony · Clove Garden is the best residential community, in the coverage of both primary and junior high school district, with a 398-acre children’s paradise, which has offer a double guarantee to entertainment and education...In Detail China’s longest elevator in Chongdu, with length of 112 meters You should never miss a special place in Chengdu, the Chongqing Crown Escalator. Spanning 112 meters and connecting Chongqing Railway Station and Lianglukou, the Chongqing Crown ... In Detail
·承德县医院电梯采购项目(二次)公开 ·奉节县生态工业园二期标准厂房电梯采购 ·重庆市江津区人民检察院电梯更换及相关 ·临夏市机关事务澳门赛马会线上局更换统办楼初装 ·大连体育中心电梯维护保养采购项目 ·南京海关缉私局电梯采购及相关服务项目 ·宕昌县公安局执法记录仪及电梯门厅监控 ·桐城市人民法院审判法庭电梯采购与安装 ·京能十堰热电有限公司全厂电梯维护公开 ·CIBES LIFT AB(China) ·江南嘉捷电梯股份有限公司 ·森赫电梯股份有限公司 ·KONE 通力澳门赛马会博彩 ·上海冀菱电梯部件有限公司 ·杭州沪宁电梯配件 ·康力电梯股份有限公司 ·苏州莱茵电梯制造有限公司·河北大华资产评估有限公司
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